Section 10 Motorcycle Trials Photos | About
You have probably seen me about at trials in the Northern section with my son Victor. I occasionally have a go but am pretty rubbish and have come to recognise my limits and the fact that I should stick to what I know and enjoy which is taking photos.
I have a degree in Photography from years ago and have worked as a Professional Photographer all over the World taking pictures for magazines and advertising agencies such as The Observer Magazine, The Telegraph magazine, Barclaycard, Gleneagles Hotel and She Magazine. I am normally commissioned to take portraits of people within their own environment, sports photography is a bit or a departure for me but I really enjoy it and it is a new challenge.
I have been taking pictures at trials for family use and for my own enjoyment and to document my sons progress. People keep asking me where they can get a picture - so here you go!

Michael Lishman